Entrepreneurship Conclusion

I’m at the end of my entrepreneurship course. I enjoyed it so much that I’m taking another course next semester.

While the risks of entrepreneurship are not for everyone, it’s still something I want to do. I realize there may be failure and disappointment but I believe I can handle that. I believe I stand a better chance of success because I will have education and experience before I start my business.

I like that the course really emphasized integrity, which we need to have at all times. It is never worth being unethical, especially in business, because it will catch up to us sooner or later.

I read several books throughout this course. My favorite one, which I highly recommend, is “The Start-up of You” by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha. The book is worth reading whether you plan on starting a business or not. It teaches us not to be complacent because that leads to failure. We must always be progressing – always driven to make things better. Attempting to progress is risky but we can learn how to minimize risk. There is a difference between stupid risks and intelligent risks. If I thoughtfully assess a risk and determine that it’s worth it, I’m taking an intelligent risk.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t something I can do alone. I will work with a network of good people. Every person has their own God-given talents. When we work together we make up for each other’s weaknesses. I appreciate all the teachers and mentors who have helped me on my journey so far. I believe the greatest thing we can do to pay back our teachers is for us to teach someone else.

I enjoy learning about people who have found their calling. I’ve been very fortunate to have discovered some of the things I’ve been put on this earth to do. I married my soul mate, I became a father, and I’m learning about God. I also believe there are many more wonderful things ahead of me.

I’m passionate about my entrepreneurial journey. However, I realize I need to keep things in perspective. God and my family must always be my number one priority. Life is only fulfilling when we maintain balance. There is a difference between pursuing money and pursuing things that lead to money. My goal is not to pursue money; it is to do something meaningful. In the future, if I’m blessed with excess money, I hope to find ways to help people. If I don’t have excess money, I still hope to serve others with my time and talents.


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